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Quick-Service Restaurants

Your menu boards are arguably one of your most important assets in the customer journey and our proven strategies get you to market faster and drive real results.

Tim Hortons
Dairy Queen
A & W


With timelines being met at every gate, the team from CDM brought their vast knowledge and talent to life. Your professionalism and partnership is a valuable part of the Tim Hortons family.

Brian Noviski|Head of Global Architecture & Design, Tim Hortons


End-To-End Digital Menu Boards and Drive-Thru Solutions

Scale globally and manage large complex menus

Permissions-based flexibility

Data-Driven Content

Ongoing Measurement, Testing & Optimization

Take-over all screens with engaging promos

Corporate and franchisee models

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  2. Tim Hortons Canada
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Tim Hortons Canada

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Driving sales with Subway

The Challenge

Provide a solution for franchisees to get to market faster with better content for their customers.

Our Approach

Use the FLEX Local platform to help empower local franchisees to make content changes on their own.

The Results

Subway restaurants drove more time-sensitive offers, helping them become more relevant to their customers, and they reduced overall costs from managing high volume local content changes.

Quick service restaurant displays at a Subway location

Drive more sales

Ask us to show you our live restaurant demo.

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